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Regarding Innovation Challenge Database Use: > 100 GiB of Database Data?

Considering the large amount of data stored in the database at http://innovationchallenge.azurewebsites.net/#DownloadTab (also in Resources & Data). Can ChallengePost, investigate, on our behalf, the possibility of requesting read-only accounts to access the especially large database with read-only access? According to my calculations, that's at least 100 GiB of data just for CropScape alone. If the previous is not feasible, is there a recommended suggestion of how we can prove our application as functional with a lesser subset of the data (such as 45 MB)? Thanks, and looking forward to your response!


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    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for your question. We're looking into this and will get back to you soon!


  • Manager   •   over 8 years ago

    Hi Daniel,
    Thanks, again, for your question. There are several ways to access ‘CropScape’ data in the official Innovation Challenge Dashboard site:

    1.       The ‘Downloads’ tab has links to download ‘CropScape’ data (.tif format)
    2.       By using ‘CropScape’ tab:
              - Select layer named ‘Cropland Categories(CropScape, 2008-2014)’
              - Select year(s)
              - View results
    3.       The ‘Documentation’ tab has a .pdf file about how to get ‘CropScape’ data using ‘FetchClimate’ API(R language, Python)

    The third way is likely the most convenient. This is the same for CropScape and VegScape data sources. In fact, these data sources are just files, that can be downloaded, or accesses using ‘FetchClimate’ API.

    We hope this helps!

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