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Azure SQL Data Warehouse

I want to import some of the NASS data into Azure SQL Data Warehouse so that I can run some analysis on it. Is there a preferred way I should be doing this from your end or should I just grab the data via the JSON API?

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    Hi Jonathan Dharmaraj,

    Thanks for your question. Since this is a one-time data transfer, we recommend that you simply download the NASS quickstats text file and import into Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

    The only reason not to do that would be if you only wanted a very small chunk of data, in which case the API would probably be easier. It sounds like you just want to import the data into another storage area though, so either method should work.

    Here is information how to get this text files for the whole NASS database:
    Link for “Download” tab:
    And here is the direct link for Nass_database zip archive, that contains all files for NASS database:

    Good luck!

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