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How often are all the information in this USDA dataset are updated

Hi Moderators, I want to know how often all the information in this USDA dataset are updated.
eg every 5 sec, 1 minutes, 1 week, 1 month, annually. etc. This will enable me to know whether if I can make direct API environmental call within my app


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    Hi Fredrick,

    Thanks for your question. As noted in this update (, the data hosted on the dashboard is made up of snapshots of real USDA data sets gathered specifically for our hackathon. These data set snapshots are representative of a large portion of the real-time data the USDA continually collects, but they are static snapshots. They are not refreshed. The dashboard exists to provide an easy access point and tools for accessing and implementing these very large data sets.

    We encourage you to use additional data sets as well; just make sure you use at least one of those listed on the Farm Data Dashboard.


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