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over 7 years ago

What do you know about wireless irrigation? Plus, co-working space and workshops for food startups

One of our favorite things about hosting this online hackathon, apart from eagerly anticipating the cool ways your projects will utilize the USDA’s data, is the interesting people and organizations we’ve gotten a chance to talk to and learn from. We wanted to share a couple of things they passed along to us — thought you might like to know about them!

Preventing weather-related agricultural losses w/ new technology

This whitepaper from our partner Hortau (they make wireless, web-based irrigation management systems) delves into how advances in ag tech can mitigate crop loss due to meteorological events.

Co-working space + food tech events and education

Branchfood is an awesome mashup of co-working space, food startup accelerator, tech community, and food tech education program. Kind of like an “everything but the kitchen sink” soup, except with developers and workshops. If you want in on this slow cooker for innovation, check out their Boston-based co-working space. They’re also hosting a workshop this Thursday, 9/24, about managing the legalities of a food startup. Get briefed here.


We’ll aim to keep you in the loop on more stuff of note in the ag tech space as it crosses our radar. In the meantime, please always feel free to contact us at with questions, concerns, or comments. (We also accept compliments.)