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over 7 years ago

Fresh farm metadata documentation

New Farm Data Dashboard metadata API function

The newly released API requests for the NASS and ARMS data sets enable you to return metadata associated with potential queries. Unlike the other available APIs, these do not return actual record values (such as the number of acres planted) but list the distinct values of other columns (such as a list of distinct states available).

For example, if you wanted to know in which states (state_name) apples are grown, the API request will use the filter 'commodity_desc=apples':

Which will result in the returned value:


Prefer avocados to apples?

{"data":[{"Name":"STATE_NAME","Keys":[],"Values":["","HAWAII","FLORIDA","CALIFORNIA","ARIZONA","US TOTAL","TEXAS"]}]}

An example of a more complex filter on which states grew apples in the year 2014:

You can access the metadata documentation via the documentation tab of the Farm Data Dashboard --> links for NASS/ARMS --> "Creating API requests for getting metadata."

Connecting to the Farm Data Dashboard via the Azure Machine Learning Studio

This video shows you how to connect to the Farm Data Dashboard data services through the Azure Machine Learning Studio. The video details how to use those data connections to train, test, and deploy basic statistical prediction models. The services built and deployed in the video mirror those developed for the use cases (under "use cases" tab) presented on the Farm Data Dashboard.

Additional data viz tool

We’ve added an additional tool to the resources page: Power BI, a data visualization platform. Check it out and try it for free!


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